H.D. Carter

Harold Carter, (H.D. to the racing community), is from Fenton, MI. His dad took him to all kinds of races as a kid, and he remembers meeting many of the “greats.” H.D. has been racing off and on for years in a variety of events ranging from Go-Karts to Modified. He just started racing Sprints a couple years ago at the age of 68, and calls himself the “Oldest Rookie in History.” H.D. competes in both Winged and Non-Winged Sprints in his green and white car #13. H.D., now retired, served in two branches of the service, as a Marine and in the Army, is a Vietnam Vet, and worked for a Michigan company that builds the M-Rap, an all-terrain military vehicle designed to withstand improvised explosive devices. When he isn’t racing, H.D. enjoys fishing, dancing, and cooking.