Gerald Persails, Jr.

Gerald Persails, Jr. is from Flint, and has been racing for more than 15 years. His father and grandfather were both involved in racing so he practically grew up at the track. He likes all of the Eve of Destruction events, but when pressed for his favorites, the Flag Pole Race and the Figure 8 Enduro gets his vote. Depending on the race, it may be a 2000 Grand Prix or a Chevy S10, but #80 is generally in contention, and always a crowd favorite. Gerald won the Figure 8 Enduro in the season opener at the Birch Run Speedway on June 30, 2017, and three races on August 4, 2017, the Flag Pole, the Push Race with Justin Pepitone, and the Figure 8 Bus Race. When he isn’t racing, Gerald works on cars, and enjoys camping with his family.