Dillon Eaton

Dillon Eaton is from Flint, and has been racing about 8 years. His grandpa and a few other family members raced in the 1950’s, but no one in the family had been involved for years until Dillon started racing, and encouraged his uncle and cousin to join the fun. Dillon competes in all of the Eve of Destruction events, including the Figure 8 Bus Race when he gets a chance. The Figure 8 Races, the Enduro and the Trailers, are his favorites. Depending on the event, he races #88, a 1999 Dodge Ram, or #88X, a 1993 Chevy Blazer. Dillon works at a tractor dealership, and owns a tree service. When he isn’t working or racing, he enjoys relaxing with his wife and his “critters”, 2 dogs and 2 cats. He also owns a 1970 Chevy Nova, and participates in the Rolling Cruises connected with Backs to the Bricks.