Travis Eddy

Travis Eddy was originally from Midland, but now lives in Beaverton, MI, and has been racing about 11 years. His dad was a professional racer, so he grew up around the track. Travis started competing in Modified races in 2006, and they are still his favorite because they are “more fun.” According to Travis, thinner tires make the performance of a Modified vehicle dependent on the skill of the driver. Travis, in car #78, is always a crowd favorite. He won the 75 lap NSTA Top Speed Modified feature race in the BIG ONE at the Birch Run Speedway on July 14, 2017. He also competes in Late Model events, but drives for others, usually in car #61 or #7, because those cars are so expensive. Racing is his life. When he isn’t racing himself or working on his own car, Travis works for Howe Racing, building cars for others.